Chemical Injection Valves


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Chemical Injection Valves

These are subsea chemical flow regulators designed to maintain a constant flow despite variations in pressure up and down stream.


There are two main configuration:

  • SCM Mounted: These are remotely adjusted by pulsing electro-hydraulic pilot valves. The flow rate through the valve is measured by means of a differential pressure sensor across an orifice.
  • Externally Mounted: These are adjusted by an ROV torque tool and features a position indicator for a given flow. This can be configured to fit on a stabplate to allow ROV installation and retrieval.

Technical details are as follows

Chemical Injection Valves Technical Data
690 bar
Turn Down Rate
Max Viscosity
200 cSt
Highest Flow Range
150-1500ml / min
Lowest Flow Range
2-20ml / min

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